Fire Marshal

Toledo Refining Company

Toledo Refining Company

Oregon, OH, USA
Posted on Friday, March 15, 2024
Fire Marshal

Toledo Refining Company is currently accepting applications for an hourly, USW Fire Marshal position. This position will be expected to work a rotating 12-hour shift, including nights, weekends, holidays and mandatory overtime work as needed. The hourly rate for this position is $50.96/hr.
  • The successful candidate must possess and maintain skills to act as an incident commander until relieved by a more Senior Qualified Plant Protection member.

  • Assist in the coordination and performance of the various inspection and testing programs for fire protection equipment in accordance with refinery procedures, local, state and federal regulations.

  • Collect and record information as assigned within Plant Protection data system.

  • Must be able to escort and work with all contractors conducting service repairs and testing of fire protection and associated general refinery assigned equipment.

  • Maintain an inventory of all emergency response equipment, supplies and chemicals.

  • Work with other fire marshals on a daily basis to support those activities and report discrepancies to the Emergency Response Shift Supervisor.

  • Assist Emergency Response Shift Supervisor with progress of new projects or major maintenance involving the installation or work on fire protection equipment.

  • Assist with the investigation and gathering of data on fires, document information appropriately, and report the documented information to the Emergency Response Shift Supervisor.

  • Work and participate as assigned, with the ERT Leadership Team to develop, prepare and conduct training sessions and schedules for emergency response team drills.

  • Assist in required training for ERT drills, annual fire extinguisher training etc.

  • Assist in industrial hygiene and safety sampling and surveys as deemed necessary.

  • Perform necessary security functions such as setting up barricades and other security tasks as assigned.

  • Report any unusual or adverse fire, safety/health, environmental or security activity.

  • Maintenance of housekeeping duties in the Firehouse and apparatus equipment.

  • Fire apparatus driver/operator.

  • Perform fire extinguisher service, maintenance and annual inspections.

  • Perform fire water system checkups and assist with annual testing.

  • Perform fire suppression and detection system inspections and assist with annual testing.

  • Perform SCBA/SAR annual inspections and required maintenance and testing.

  • Must attend ERT training, drills, and exercises.

Expectations of Successful Candidate:

  • The successful candidate must demonstrate a good working knowledge of firefighting, rescue and hazardous materials methods and techniques such as: using various hose lays, nozzles and aerial apparatus including hydraulic calculations for use in water application and foam operations; must have a good working knowledge of portable and wheeled unit fire extinguishers, hoses, fire pumps, fire mains.

  • The successful candidate must understand and recognize operational differences and resetting arrangements of all fire suppression and alarm systems; must be able to demonstrate the use of positive pressure open circuit self-contained breathing apparatus, supplied-air respirators and six-pack air supply units.

  • Off- site training sessions locally and out of state may be required to enhance current skills and maintain certification levels.

  • Must be qualified on all phases of the job.

  • Must be proficient in the use and driving of emergency fire apparatus and pumps.

  • Must be proficient in boat operations and boom deployment. Climb and work at heights.

  • Subject to on-call (i.e., member of Emergency Response Teams).

  • Ability to work under extreme emergency situations.

  • Must be familiar in test procedures for fire pumps, fixed systems and alarming devices.

  • Must maintain State of Ohio Fire and EMS certifications.

Interested candidates must possess a current State of Ohio Fire Fighter 1 Certification and an Emergency Medical Technician Basic Certification, or

better to be considered.