The Toledo Clinic

The Toledo Clinic

Toledo, OH, USA
Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2024
This position is located within our Lab on our main campus on Secor Rd and has the hours of Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:45 pm

General Summary:

Performs clerical duties for the laboratory office area

Works under the supervision of the Lab Manager

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

Example of Essential Duties:

1. Performs the mailing of patient reports to health care providers and/or patients as needed.

2. Promptly orders and processes lab requests and specimen which are designated “STAT” such as specimens dropped off from outpatient surgery.

  1. Helps with the training of personnel, who perform lab office functions such as data entry, billing, send out forms, scanning of documents and filing of reports.
  2. Maintains appropriate level of office-related supplies for efficient office operations.
  3. Gives patients phone instructions regarding scheduling of lab tests and other department testing as related to the patient's inquiry.
  4. Communicates with patients or other Clinic staff to rectify simple lab billing problems, refers all other patient billing problems to the appropriate patient representative or Lab Manager.
  5. Sends or faxes extra lab reports to physician office when requested.
  6. Maintains office filing in a timely and orderly manner.
  7. Prepares send-out forms for reference lab work going to other labs.
  8. Answers the phone – courteously and professional and takes accurate messages.
  9. Informs patients of delays and expected wait time.
  10. Effectively communicates with testing, drawing, or processing personnel any special needs requested by doctor’s orders.
  11. Checks and reviews all requisitions to make sure they have the proper ordering provider, correct tests and appropriate comments.
  12. Scans hard copy documents such as ABN’s, outside lab orders and any other pertinent data into EMR as needed.

Other Essential Duties May Include (but are not limited to):

  1. Helps assist physicians or their staff in matters involving missing lab reports or charts that may be signed out to the lab.
  2. Helps supervisor identify and resolve issues that may come up when working with any computer system used to request, transmit or report lab information.
  3. Help staff and patients resolve issues that involve complicated lab orders, especially standing orders.
  4. Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Required:


- Knows, understands and adheres to all laboratory safety standards.

- Maintains a neat and organized lab area.

- Consistently arrives at work, in professional attire, on time and completes all tasks within established time frame.

- Seeks appropriate tasks when primary tasks are completed and assists co-workers as needed.

- Demonstrates adaptability to expanded roles.

- Adheres to clinic’s policies and procedures.


- HS diploma or GED required.


- Six months of experience in computer knowledge, medical laboratory, science sources, medical terminology, and/or practical experience in a health care setting preferred