The Toledo Clinic

The Toledo Clinic

Toledo, OH, USA
Posted on Friday, March 15, 2024

Location and hours will vary

General Summary:

Performs chemical, bacteriological, serological and microscopic procedures in one or more functional laboratory sections.

Works under the supervision of the Lab Manager.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

Example of Essential Duties:

1. Performs procedures in designated areas of the laboratory for which competency has been verified by a qualified technician/technologist and/or supervisor.

2. Maintains records of procedure performance, patient results, and quality control in the laboratory section. Plots results of control runs on Levey-Jennings charts. Follows defined protocol for investigating out-of-control runs, and implements necessary remedial action.

3. Reviews and verifies accuracy of relevant laboratory reports.

4. Maintains equipment, logging daily temp. checks, and logs preventive and remedial maintenance of equipment.

5. Maintains proper inventory of laboratory supplies, informing in advance of reordering needs.

6. When presented with a "STAT" request(s), stops all other routine activities and promptly addresses the STAT. Calls or faxes the results promptly as indicated on the request to individuals authorized to receive lab results/information.

Other Essential Duties May Include (but are not limited to):

  1. May participate in research and development of new procedures and changes to existent procedures.

8. Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:


- Two (2) years of experience in clinical laboratory testing.

- Knows, understands and adheres to all laboratory, Clinic and/or OSHA safety standards.

- Maintains a safe and clean environment by daily cleaning, emptying trash containers, cleaning up spills and all other housekeeping duties necessary to sustain an appropriate work area.

- Knowledge of medical terminology.

- Supports staffing by being able to work extended or altered hours when necessary.

- Consistently arrives at work, in professional attire, on time and completes all tasks within established time frame.

- Seeks appropriate tasks when primary tasks are completed and assists co-workers as needed.

- Demonstrates adaptability to expanded roles.

- Adheres to all clinic policies and procedures


- Baccalaureate degree or course work necessary to take MT (ASCP) registry.