Applicant Pool for Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Owens Community College

Owens Community College

Toledo, OH, USA
Posted on Friday, March 15, 2024

Advertised Position Title:

Applicant Pool for Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Job Description:

May teach a full range of mathematics courses from developmental mathematics to statistics, calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations.

To support teaching, faculty will
• Prepare and deliver learning activities to achieve course outcome;
• Prepare course materials such as syllabi, homework assignments, and handouts in accordance with Department guidelines;
• Evaluate and grade student class work, assignments, papers, and examinations in accordance with Department guidelines;
Maintain and submit student attendance records, grades, and other required documentation by specified deadlines.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • A thorough knowledge of the principles of mathematics to an extent where the successful candidate would be comfortable teaching courses from algebra through differential equations. Familiarity with current curricular issues as they relate to community college mathematics instruction are needed.

  • Proficiency in the use and instruction of graphing calculators and/or appropriate mathematics software/applications. Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite (or equivalent). Familiarity with appropriate instructional and course management software.

  • Ability to communicate effectively with both small and large groups. Demonstration of advanced communication (verbal, written, and interpersonal) and organizational skills. Proficiency in designing and grading tests. Ability to create effective instructional materials. Sensitivity to respond appropriately to the needs of a diverse population.

Essential Functions:

  • TEACHES CLASSES 1. Develops a syllabus for the class using the assigned syllabus shell, including designing an evaluation procedure that falls within the parameters of the syllabus shell and creating a calendar of assignments in accordance with the course outline. 2. Prepares lesson plans and conducts classes during the scheduled times using the Department-approved text(s). 3. Follows Department guidelines for course content and best practices. 4. Meets classes on all scheduled dates during the assigned semester. 5. Meets classes on time and holds classes for their fully allotted time. 6. If teaching online, respects the Owens Community College Standards for Web Instruction. 7. Uses appropriate classroom management techniques. 8. Uses appropriate means and methods of technology.

  • COMMUNICATES EFFECTIVELY 1. Uses the College’s course management system for assigned courses and department matters as appropriate. 2. Uses MS Office Suite and/or other required (and Owens-system-compatible and approved) programs. 3. Submits electronic copies of all requested documents (including syllabi, grade books, attendance records, and other files as required) to the Department course management site. 4. Accesses Owens email account at least every other day to communicate adequately with students and with the Department Chair. Maintains the general guideline of reading and replying to all required messages within 48 hours. 5. Checks campus mailbox at least once a week. 6. Responds to student inquiries outside of class in a timely manner. 7. Is available to meet additionally with students outside of class, if necessary.

  • CREATES AND MAINTAINS ASSIGNMENTS, EVALUATIVE MEASURES, AND RECORDS 1. Creates and evaluates assignments, evaluative measures, and activities appropriate to the class. 2. Assigns grades to student work. 3. Returns the graded assignments, evaluative measures, and activities to the students in a timely manner. Maintains the general guideline of returning student work and posting grades within a week. 4. Maintains accurate and thorough records of student attendance. 5. Reports student attendance as required, by the published deadline. 6. Maintains an accurate and thorough electronic grade book. 7. At the end of the term, reports grades to the Records Office by the deadline and submits electronic copies of grade book and attendance to the Department course management site. 8. Administers course evaluations as instructed by the College.

  • ENGAGES IN OTHER DEPARTMENT-RELATED ACTIVITIES 1. Attends Department and College workshops, training sessions, and development activities as needed. 2. Attends Department and College meetings as necessary. 3. Participates in student learning assessment activities. 4. Performs other departmental duties, as assigned.

  • SUPPORTS MISSION, VISION, AND CORE VALUES 1. Exhibits the College Core Values of Service, Learning, Innovation, Collaboration, and Excellence. 2. Supports the College Mission and Vision. 3. Supports the School of STEM Mission and Vision. 4. Displays professional and collegial behavior toward all students, colleagues, supervisors, and the entire college community, at all times.

Other Characteristics:

  • Ability to work with other faculty members in small groups and work cooperatively with faculty, staff, and administration in support of Department of College initiatives as necessary. Maintaining professional interactions with members of the campus community.

Minimum Education/Experience:

  • Master's degree

  • Master’s degree in Mathematics or Statistics, or related field, with at least 18 graduate semester hours in mathematics from a mathematics or statistics department.

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Duty Days:

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FLSA Status:

United States of America (Exempt)

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Retirement System:

STRS - STRS (Retirement System Classification)